Appointment Policy

We are looking forward to seeing you here at Love U Forever Bridal.

Thank you for pre-selecting your favourite gowns and we’ll make every dress count so there’s a good chance that you might find “the one” at your appointment.

Preparing for your appointment

Due to the Coronavirus Regulations and our risk assessment we are enforcing the rules covering friends and family and guests attending the appointment should be from the same household or a member of your support bubbles.

Please organise to have your NHS Track and Trace App ready to scan on arrival for all members of your party.

Number of Guests you can bring to your apppointment

2 guests for a Bridal Stylist appointment

1 guest for Dress Alteration appointment

Here comes the “New Normal” what to expect when you come in  (apologies if some of this sounds like a set of rules!) so that your experience is both safe and celebratory:

Pre appointment 

It goes without saying that if you or any of your guests have any Covid-19 symptoms then please let us know and we will rearrange your appointment.

Upon arrival

Please arrive on time.  If you arrive early and there’s been an appointment before you our team will be busy with our cleaning routine to rival that of cleaning whizz Mrs Hinch!!

The door will be locked so please ring the bell and upon entering the boutique you will come to the counter where there will be a hand sanitiser and the QR code for you and your party to scan for the NHS Track and Trace or we will take details of your party manually.

We will take your temperature with our infrared thermometer.  Myself, Hayley or Tanya (whoever is taking your appointment) will also take their temperature.  If anyone in your group has a reading of 37.8 or greater, then your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled for a later date. We will provide hand sanitizer prior to entering the bridal room and again on the way out from your appointment.

Your guests will be seated at the safe zone within the boutique with their seats 2 metres apart and will need to stay seated there for the whole appointment.  Think of it as at the cinema or theatre. For safety we have removed as many fabric furnishings as possible!! 

Using the toilet

We appreciate that many of you will have travelled for quite some time before you visit us.  As you are aware most public toilets are closed. If you need to use our loo then we will request that you wipe everything down yourself with the cleaning products that will be provided.  This is in line with Professor Chris Whitty’s advice regarding using the loo if visiting friends.  

Your appointment

You and your guests are required to wear face-covering (masks) for the whole time you are in the boutique. Your bridal stylist and colleagues will either wear a mask or a visor for the whole duration of your appointment.

Your Wish List of wedding dresses will be in the fitting room ready so that the other gowns on display remain untouched by you and your guests.

There is a plastic container on the drawer in the fitting room where you can place your clothes to prevent contact with the carpet.

To maintain as far as possible the 2m social distancing rule you will be asked to step into the gown on your own (with some gowns this will be very difficult so you will need assistance and this is where we will help you). Once in the gown your consultant will come behind you to do up the gown and possibly pin it.  You will then show your guests the gown, come back to the fitting room and it will be “rinse and repeat” as we move through your selection of gowns. Wherever possible additional gowns will be selected for you to try on.

I hope that this doesn’t sound too clinical!!  It’s all to keep us all safe and in line with government guidance.  Our Risk Assessment advisor, as well as having the gold star NEBOSH qualification, also has her own bridal boutique so is fully aware of what is needed to give you a safe environment and a fabulous appointment to find your dress.

What to bring with you:

  • Your own shoes with heel height that you might wear on your wedding day.
  • Bring more than one mask if you will be changing throughout the appointment  – although we will provide you with one if needed.
  • And “I could find my dress today” mindset!!

Thank you for your understanding

Best wishes

Christine, Hayley & Tanya

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